Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Goodmail is Badmail

I am still steaming about Goodmail. Since my post yesterday, I have been reading more about the practice of email providers accepting payments to ensure delivery of spam, and the folks at Slashdot made me even angrier by further heightening my awareness and the implications of this practice here and here. This is an issue that deserves more outrage IMHO. Like, as in, write your congressman outrage. As in, complain to your email provider if they use Goodmail or another 'service' outrage. And tell your friends that use Comcast/Verizon/AOL/Hotmail/Yahoo that this is going on outrage. Slashdot is saying that Microsoft doesn't subscribe to Goodmail because they have their own similar service in place. ARRRGH!! By the way, this isn't a spam issue alone, this is a net neutrality issue. Here's why. At this point, I THINK that Google doesn't do this, but I would prefer to find some direct confirmation first before trumpeting gmail any further. So far, they seem like the best bet on this issue.

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Anonymous said...

What is it about CertifiedEmail that upsets you so much? The way it makes it impossible for a sender to spoof identity? Or maybe you are upset that there finally accountability for senders who blast messages to inboxes uncontrollably? Consider for a moment that Goodmail is probably the most exclusive email program going today, and its users have to adhere to extremely low complaint thresholds. So while marketers and others are sharing some of their email-generated profits with the ISPs (read: offsetting the high costs of email infrastructure that YOU the recipient pay for), Goodmail is making the internet a much better place.

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