Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Film Podcast Review IX: Movies You Should See

Movies You Should See is a production of Simply Syndicated, the same UK-based folks that produce Left Field Cinema that I gushed over in a prior post. MYSS is produced monthly and ranges in length from 40 to 90 minutes, though most episodes are around an hour in length.

The show is hosted by 4-5 young adults (one woman). The hosts rotate on and off, so the number of hosts per episode varies. They basically spend each podcast dedicated to a single film that they recommend, meticulously going over the plot, performances, direction, cinematography, etc. They get sidetracked into talking about other topics of varying relevance, from completely irrelevant inside jokes to which the audience does not understand to insightful comments about the direction or performances. These are genuinely funny people, though--I did laugh pretty frequently. Ultimately, though, spending up to 90 minutes talking about a film that itself isn't much longer than that left me cold. Through the process of these reviews, I am finding myself trending in this direction--I favor the shorter, tighter podcasts (Left Field Cinema, Film Gang) over the long ones, but I don't think that that is a universal truth. Filmspotting is still one of my favorites at 60 minutes. The difference in Filmspotting (and to a lesser extent, Cinebanter) is that it is organized into clear and concise segments, each of which could be a standalone podcast episode. Every segment is tightly constructed and each host presents his ideas on the subject concisely. Movies You Should See is a stark contrast--these folks just gab on for as long as they like. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes there are insightful thoughts about the film but rarely is that enough to sustain my interest. It's like sitting through a boring movie for one or two great scenes.

Production 6/10
Content 6/10

CORRECTION 2008-07-16


Anonymous said...

Left Field Cinema is in no way affiliated with Simply Syndicated or Movies You Should See. This article lacks basic fact checking.

Anonymous said...

too bad for simply syndicated. LFC is actually a good show, something clearly lacking from that network

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

MYSS is a one of my favourite podcasts, although they break all the 'checklist' like things that I don't normally like in a podcast: it can be really long, they go off on tangents, spoilers galore. But, what makes it great is that they are so enthusiastic and so funny. I never feel like there are 'in' jokes, or maybe I've been listening that long.

Left Field Cinema is one of the best podcasts I've ever listened to. Intelligent, articulate as well as being short and sweet.

Kumar said...

Left Field Cinema is no longer affiliated with Simply Syndicated. Please fact check.

I love both Left Field Cinema and Movies You Should See. The thing with Movies You Should See is that it shows just how expansive a discussion a film can create. Yes, they often go on wild tangents, but more than half of those spring from the film they're discussing.

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