Friday, July 11, 2008

Film Podcast Review VIII: Film Gang

Popping P's on sub-standard microphones? On NPR? Unbelievable! That is what first struck me when first listening to Film Gang - Thoughtful Critiques of the Latest Movies. Dennis Morton and Amelie Hastie alternate hosting this podcast, with other guest hosts such as David Anthony and Carla Frichero, Professors at UC Santa Cruz filling in from time to time. The program is a production of KUSP Public Radio in Santa Cruz.

This no-frills weekly 4-5 minute podcast consists on a solo reviewer (they rotate between one another) discussing their impressions of current films. There is little introduction and little flair, which is fine with me. The reviewer basically sits at the microphone and shares his or her thoughts on the film or films in question. The reviews are universally thoughtful, intelligent, and insightful. I found this podcast to be interesting. I respect the reviewers, though the rotating nature of the hosts make it difficult to get a sense of who is who building a sense of connection with the host themselves. Left Field Cinema (in my last review) is another solo-hosted weekly 5 minute podcast that is better produced, more interesting, and with a more charismatic host. If I had to choose between one 5-minute podcast, I would choose LFC. Since I am not in that position, I will continue to subscribe to both. However, as my subscription list increases and I fill up my iPod, this may be a candidate to drop.

Production: 6
Content: 7

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