Monday, June 16, 2008

iTraffic from iPod and iPhone--Thanks Apple!

I was just looking over my blog's traffic stats since I started it six months ago. I noticed that whenever I write something about an iPod or iPhone, my traffic volume doubles or even triples. In fact, this one post entitled "The Next iPod Killer.... Literally" which was about a combination MP3-player/Tazer device (and doesn't even mention Apple, the iPod, or the iPhone directly) accounts for a third of the total lifetime traffic to my (admittedly low profile) blog. I understand why, with the cult following behind these devices. I myself am guilty of repeatedly hitting the refresh button on the Engadget and Gizmodo live blog pages on my browser during the Steve Jobs' Apple WWDC iPhone 3G announcement last week. Moving forward, I guess that I should make sure to pepper my posts with the words iPod and Apple and iPhone.

I will continue to write about the iPhone, iPod and its bretheren here on this blog as I always have. In the future, look for even more--Look for my impressions of movies to incorporate the iPod. What do you think of this sample? "Hulk Incredible on the iPod"? Hey, let's treat this post as an experiment. I'll post the traffic results soon. iPod iPhone iPod iPhone iPod iTunes.

Incidentally, my next highest traffic volume comes from my posts about Journeyman. I guess that Journeyman and the iPod have something in common--people who follow them do so with freakish passion.


upyernoz said...

if you are just looking to increase your hits, start writing about sex. maybe sex with iphones or other apple devices.

then there's the unintentional hits you can get. i thought my blog title was just a reference to "welcome back kotter" but then, through my hit stats, i discovered there's a whole other world out there of people with rubber panty hose fetishes.

cg said...

iPhone sex! Brilliant! If somehow I could incorporate that with American Idol, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and and Lindsay Lohan gossip, I could bring the whole internet to its knees with the volume of traffic I would get!

But seriously, I'm not looking to boost my traffic (but I do like having somebody read what I write, I admit), I was just observing the traffic patterns coming from my post subjects.

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