Thursday, June 5, 2008

iPhone Wishlist from CR

Consumer Reports Magazine posted a pretty good list of what they would like to see in the next-gen iPhone. I agree with all of it...


upyernoz said...

oddly the list doesn't mention any of my three main complaints about my iphone:

(1) no cut and paste function. supposedly this is going to be added in an upcoming software update. but until then, it annoying that i can't cut and paste.

(2) an quick way to pause the ipod player. often times i wander around my office playing a podcast. then someone comes up to talk to me. to get it to pause, i need to hit a button to active the screen, then slide the thing to active mode, then hit pause on the ipod. i'm getting faster at doing all those steps, but it is annoying.

(3) arabic language support. this is more my issue than most iphone users, but the thing can only display characters in chinese and japanese. no arabic, hebrew, hindi, etc. the arabic language sites i visit are unreadable on my iphone.

cg said...

Classic case of a wishlist for a current owner versus a prospective buyer. I don't own one yet, but I imagine that I'd have the same issues as you (1 and 2 at least) when and if I do get one.

upyernoz said...

it turned out #2 isn't a real problem. i complained about the lack of a quick pause on my site and one of my friends told me how to do it.

the problem with learning a gadget by fiddling with it is that it's quite possible you'll never stumble on to the function you want most.

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