Thursday, June 26, 2008

Film Podcast Review IV: Fat Guys at the Movies

Like my previously reviewed /Filmcast, Fat Guys at the Movies is an offshoot production of its parent film blog site. In this case, Film School Rejects. Like the /Filmcast, FGATM caters primarily to the 15-year old fanboy population. FGATM does three major things right that /Film gets wrong.
  1. They have two articulate and generally well-prepared hosts (Neil Miller and Kevin Carr)
  2. The production quality is pretty good. Wow! Professional microphones! But, um... why is your kid in the background yelling for the bathroom?
  3. The length is reasonable.
In general, I liked this podcast more than /Filmcast because it was a tighter production and I like these guys. They just seem like the kind of dudes that you'd like to hang out with, pound a couple of beers, and talk movies. However, for my taste they are often on the wrong side of the highbrow versus lowbrow. Bathroom humor? Discussing the hotness of actresses? Really? One other example--their discussion of the film Iron Man somehow managed to incorporate a comparison to having so-so sex with a really hot woman. All that being said--I guess that I am a little lowbrow--I enjoyed it to a certain extent. But ultimately I realized--Why should I waste my time listening to them when they are watching suggestive youtube videos and broadcasting dead air on my time? Of course, I went to the show notes to find links to the videos, but I won't be listening any more. This is strictly for people who thought that Superbad was the film of the decade. Me, I just thought it was the film of the month.

Content: 5/10
Production: 6/10

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