Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey! Nielsen: TV, Movie, Music, Video Game, Internet, Celebrity Opinions, Ratings, News And Reviews

I found this cool website, "Hey! Nielsen". Social networking meets viral marketing. Basically, it's a place where you can indicate whether you watch shows and you can rate them as well. You can post ratings and others can rate your ratings. Interestingly, it tracks the history of ratings, so you can see the trend in ratings for a show, actor, movie, video game, etc... The idea (I guess?) is that Nielsen ratings are inaccurate and don't measure how many people watch and more importantly, how passionate about a show someone is. It doesn't have it right, at least not yet. It needs more granular selections for items. For example--I accurately mark "Lost" with "I watch this show" but I would also accurately mark "Meet The Press" the same way. But nowhere am I able to say that I don't miss one episode of Lost, and tend to watch them more than once on my DVR, as opposed to watching Meet the Press once a month, if that. Still, it is promising as an outlet for cult followers of shows like Journeyman to express their love. Maybe a network notices and picks up a show like that. Check out my ratings widget on the right side of this blog...

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