Thursday, January 3, 2008

Writer's Strike Got You Down? Don't Watch Reality TV...

The best way to survive the writers strike is not to watch reality TV (for shame, people!). No, the best way to make it through is to watch TV that's new to you. I won't bother recommending the obvious mainstream choices like The Sopranos, 24, Lost, etc. Here's my list of TV series worth watching that you may not have caught the first time around, in no particular order.

  • Twin Peaks (OK, so maybe this is obvious)

  • The amazing Baltimore crime/police dramas Homicide and The Wire

  • A couple of too-short-lived scifi series: Firefly from Joss Whedon and Dark Angel from James Cameron and with Jessica Alba

  • And in comedy, don't miss Police Squad, the precursor to the Naked Gun films

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upyernoz said...

no time! we're too busy watching lost, season 3

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