Friday, January 11, 2008

Format War Ends, Blu-Ray is Victorious

It looks like other studios are going to follow Warner's lead and abandon HD DVD in favor of Blu-Ray. So feel free to buy your Blu-Ray players now (when I say free, I mean, $400). Hold back only if you think (like me) that downloadable HD content is going to kill them both. For the record, I'll probably be getting a Blu-Ray or a combo player in 2008 even though I think that's it is an intermediate technology because I'm just compulsive that way. I would own laserdiscs today if I had a job back when those things were on the market.

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upyernoz said...

i'm not ready to buy either yet. i'm also not convinced that downloadable stuff will replace blu-ray/HD-DVD. when you download you need to back up. and so we need a high-def backup standard.

but i will say that blu-ray always had a leg up with me. i like the name better.

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