Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Smart Strip Revolution Starts Here!

I love CNET. I go to their site all of the time to keep up on tech news. They are typically top notch. This story is weird though. First of all, they are passing off as news a review of the Belkin Conserve ($50) product that has been out for quite a while (and that I discussed over a year ago). Second of all, they do not mention the far superior and less expensive ($25) competing product, the SmartStrip, that performs the same function, but eliminating the need for the owner to flip an off switch. If any power strip is going to pay for itself, wouldn't it be the cheaper and more automated SmartStrip? Even if you remember to turn off the Belkin Conserve 80% of the time, 20% of the time you are not taking advantage of the power saving functionality, and the initial cost of the Belkin is higher. I have been using the SmartStrip for over a year now and it works flawlessly. As I wrote in my review--

It shuts down all power to selected items plugged into it when the main item is turned off. For example, it shuts down my speakers, external hard drives, printer, etc when my computer is off, but leaves on my DSL modem and wireless router for my wife to use. It works for me as advertised--I shut down my PC and all of my external peripherals (monitor, hard drives) power down. It costs the same as a typical power strip ($30-$40).

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