Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Goodbye HBO

I ordered up HBO in the heyday of The Sopranos and The Wire. They kept me subscribed through Sex and the City, Six Feet Under and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Now, only Entourage is left. Not enough to keep me subscribing. True Blood was the last great hope. I do like the show so far, but not enough to keep subscribing. HBO--you have until the series finale of Entourage to wow me with True Blood or something else. It seems like HBO senses this as a trend, with premieres of two new series this weekend--Little Britain USA, and The Life & Times of Tim. Premiering November 9 is a third new series, Summer Heights High. I'll give all of the new shows a test drive of course, but I suspect that the days of "groundbreaking, critically acclaimed, smash hits" original programming may be over for HBO, with competition from AMC, FX, and other upstart networks.

Incidentally, many of the links to the defunct shows are to the complete DVD sets for sale on Amazon, some newly released. Christmas/Chanukkah is coming up!

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