Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Worst iPhone app I have ever purchased.

This business card scanner purports to enable you to create new contacts on your iPhone by taking a photo of a business card and using OCR to "read" the data and create a contact from it. I have tried to get a halfway decent result using many business cards and even with the clarifi camera-enhancing case and under various lighting conditions.

You judge the results for yourself.  Here is the original iPhone photo and a screen capture of what this app "read"--they only got the word "highway" and the zip code right.  This example is by no means unique, though I admit the lighting conditions are obviously marginal at best.  I had the same results under bright halogens as well.  Stay away from this app at any cost.



Anonymous said...

To get the best results with Business Card Reader you need iPhone 3Gs, good lighting around, steady hand and good quality visit cards. Please try again using this tips.

CG said...

i did all of that except upgrade my phone. Are you giving me a "tip" to upgrade my phone? Idiot. I have a tip for you. Refund my money. And next time, don't say that your app is compatible with the 3G.

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