Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 Best Pictures?

I love movies, but man, I can't imagine choosing 10 films in a year that I like enough to call out. We're going to end up with an interesting Best Picture race in 2010, that's for sure. More from


upyernoz said...

the awards ceremony is already too long. if they show clips from ten films, it won't be over until 3 am!

Len said...

Heard the President of the Academy on NPR Morning edition this morning. After the host had introduced him with a quip about a longer telecast, he started the interview by saying that the telecast would be more vibrant, not longer. Hopefully they will un-televise some of the nonsense categories or limit the musical performances to balance it out.

upyernoz said...

i dunno, "more vibrant" doesn't sound like "shorter" to me.

i think part of the problem is that the academy itself doesn't think that it's too long. more nominees means a longer broadcast which means more overpriced commercials to sell. that's what i suspect is driving this.

Len said...

Revenue is definitely driving it. But not more commercials, I think more eyes. Nominate films like Iron Man, Dark Knight, Tropic Thunder, etc., the fanboys will be more eager to tune in.

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