Monday, March 16, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0 to Have Copy/Paste

Kevin Rose and Wired as well as Gizmodo are reporting that the iPhone 3.0 OS update coming this week will include copy and paste, as I wished for last week. People have been screaming for this enhancement for some time, and news of the announcement has been met with some sarcasm and snark. Me, I can't argue with success. Apple sold millions of iPhones without what many would consider a foundational feature. Given Apple's propensity for eliminating obsolete technology before other vendors, some may have speculated that it was gone for good. Me? I just figured that Apple wisely calculated that they needed sexy features like 3G, Wifi, GPS, app store, multitouch, etc. to sell iPhones, and clipboard functions could come later once the groundswell of annoyance reached a point where it might start to hurt sales. That's why Apple is on top and the conventional consumer electronics vendors (Sony, Microsoft, & Dell, I am talking to you!) are playing catch up. They "think different(ly)."

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