Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Amazon’s Kindle 2 Imminent

After agonizing over whether to get an iPhone 3G, it looks like I will not necessarily need to go through the same process over the purchase of a Kindle. The Kindle 2.0 is coming next week. according to the New York Times. The only question is what will be different? I expect usability/ergonomic and performance enhancements, and hopefully cost.

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upyernoz said...

i'm not sure why, but a kindle doesn't appeal to me at all. my father has one and i've been able to play with it. normally that would hook me on getting a new gadget, but it didn't with the kindle. i just like books in their current physical form too much. i like the way they feel and i like having a bookshelf filled with the books i've read. i don't know if any electronic device could replace that. though eventually, i suppose its inevitable that they will be replaced.

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