Wednesday, January 7, 2009

iPhoto 2009 versus Picasa 3 on OS X--FIGHT!

Ironically and probably not coincidentally, as Apple announced iLife 2009 that included iPhoto 2009, Google announced Picassa 3 Beta for the Mac. I have a love/hate relationship with iPhoto and have tried out a couple of competitors but was no more impressed with them. Now, just as I think that Google makes a big leap forward, so does Apple. I am really excited by the face recognition features and geotagging support offered by iPhoto. I'll try both out in the coming weeks and post my impressions.

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Martin Kaas said...

I bought my mac a couple of month ago and thought initially thought I would go all in on iPhoto - but now I'm starting to get second thoughts.

The fact that picasa actually updates the exif data in the pictures whereas changes made in iPhoto i not reflected in the exif data - geotagging and editing of "picture-taken-date".

In simple - geotages made in picasa is reflected in iPhoto - but not the other way arround.

I have not found out how to make iPhoto update the recording time when I have changed it in picasa.

I still haven't decided which software to use ....

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