Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Suppose a Seven Sequel?

I was surprised to hear that the Vatican announced seven additional deadly sins. Designed for the modern world, they are:
  1. genetic modification
  2. human experimentations
  3. polluting the environment
  4. social injustice
  5. causing poverty
  6. financial gluttony
  7. taking drugs

Do you think that Hollywood had something to do with this? I definitely think that this opens the door for a remake of Seven (the film from David Fincher that ranks up among my favorites). Spacey goes after Robert Downey, Jr., Bill Gates, Linday Lohan, and all of the employees of the Hummer corporation? The title "Fourteen" doesn't quite roll off of the tongue, eh? (I did that poster myself...)

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David Dylan Thomas said...

How does "greed" not cover "financial glottony"?

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